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Cellular Light Weight Concrete Blocks/ Bricks

Cellular Light Weight Concrete Bricks/ Blocks (CLC) is also called as Foam Concrete Blocks. Advantages: Light in Weight : CLC blocks are very lightweight with density ranging from 300 to 1800 Kg/m3. Three times less weight then clay or fly ash brocks. Eco friendly : CLC blocks are Environment-friendly. Foam concrete is eco- friendly material as fly ash and other industrial waste material are used in part of manufacturing blocks to protect the environment. The production process of CLC or its use does not release any harmful effluents to ground, water or air. CLC, due to its low weight is ideal for making partitions.

The use of CLC for this purpose will reduce the need for plywood partitions. It also helps in sound insulation, thermal insulation, Lower Water Absorption, Fire Protection and is very Easy to Handling.

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  • Upto 90% cheaper than conventional construction
  • 30 times faster than conventional construction
  • Cleaning up the environment
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